The group dynamic at SPARCK is first-rate; hard work but fun too, and the energy of the group pushes you to go just that little bit further. Training groups are small so that we can provide everyone with personal advice and guidance. There is an overview of our Group Training options on this page.


Crosstraining is a versatile combination of training methods and our goal is to build your strength, power and improve endurance. Expect a workout that will challenge you!

Boxing Bags

Boxing Bags focuses on all-round fitness as well as basic boxing techniques. Punching and kicking combos are combined with bodyweight exercises which is the perfect way to get into shape or to build your stamina.


Bootcamp is an all-round outdoor workout. Perfect for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Train at the beautiful grounds of the Eikenburg estate with its woodlands, fields and streams.


Yoga routines help you to balance body, mind and emotions. They increase your flexibility, bodily and mental strength and ability to focus. Come and find your balance! We offer energising classes, with a moderate to high pace.


Swimming is perfect for building strength and expanding your lung capacity, without putting too much pressure on your joints. Expect a invigorating training session with focus on swimming techniques. All levels are welcome.


In our 5-week running workshops our running coaches will give you all the support you need to help you reach that goal. The beginner workshop helps you run your first 5K. And the advanced workshop with 10K run or half a marathon.


In our boxing classes, we teach you the game of boxing. We work on your technique and footwork. With various combinations we teach you how to anticipate your team mates’ moves. Our boxing classes are not intimidating – friendship and respect are key.


Our cool gymnasium is at everyone's disposal. We encourage everyone to use it, for purposes such as: Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Handball, Gymnastics, Football, Basketball.

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At SPARCK we organise, besides our regular activities, a fun and sportive event every month. They are free of charge and appropriate for all sporting levels. Expect a fun and social evening, whilst doing something really different than what you are used to at a sports club.

The following events will return monthly:

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