House Rules


Do as you would do at home.

We believe that you should be able to come and work out in an environment that is clean, safe and welcoming. To ensure that everyone is able to enjoy our training facilities, we have drawn up the following House Rules:

  • Instructions from members of the SPARCK TEAM must be followed at all times;
  • Always use a towel during training sessions: when using training equipment and doing ground exercises. Please wipe down equipment after use;
  • Return training equipment, such as weights and dumbbells, to where they belong after use;
  • It is not permitted to bring valuables, coats and bags to the training areas. Please put them into the lockers provided. After closing time, all lockers will be opened and emptied;
  • Wear appropriate, safe sports clothing and a good pair of training shoes which have not been worn outside;
  • Making telephone calls is not permitted in the training areas;
  • Verbal and/or physical aggression is not tolerated;
  • Food is not permitted in the training areas;
  • Use exclusively leak-proof water bottles (bidons);
  • Respect fellow-sporters’ space;
  • Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, and taking (or dealing in) drugs is prohibited;
  • It is not permitted to bring pets to the gym;
  • Selling products and/or engaging in promotional activities is not permitted without prior approval from SPARCK;
  • Participating in training sessions and using SPARCK’s facilities is entirely at the risk of the individual sporter.
  • Management cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of members’ personal possessions, or of injuries that occur in and around SPARCK Sports Club;
  • SPARCK reserves the right at all times, for reasons it deems appropriate, to deny access of person or persons, temporarily or permanently, to one or more of its training groups and their related activities, and to cancel membership with immediate effect;

Violating our House Rules may lead to cancellation of membership without restitution of any membership fees. Members agree to abide by the above House Rules when they join SPARCK Sports Club. See also our General Terms and Conditions.